Quilting Template DIY

Making your own templates


Making your own quilting templates is fast and a great way to achieve a certain look or to fussy cut your fabrics. It also can help you use scraps or to cut from several pieces of fabric simultaneously.

There are two different materials used for my template sets, both thin cardboard like a cereal box and plastic template sheets. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, however in the project I’m working on, I’ll need both.

Materials Needed:
  • Pattern template page
  • Cardboard or plastic template sheet
  • Tracing wheel or ball point pen
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors or old rotary cutter

Cardboard Version:

Aline cardboard to straight edge of template pattern, making sure all areas of the actual template will be covered by cardboard underneath.

Trace the corners first then the whole dark line of pattern with tracing wheel or ball point pen. Make sure to press hard, lifting paper to check visibility only when needed. I personally have to press several times to get this to work.

Lift paper and retrace over your marked lines, keeping lines as straight as possible.

Using a ruler might help with those lines… I know it helped me.

Lastly cut along the marked lines and match your cut out piece to the original pattern piece, making sure angles and sizes are correct.

Plastic Version:

Start with your pattern paper underneath plastic sheet.

Follow lines carefully with your permanent marker, paying special attention to angles and straight lines.

Again, use your rulers and the straight edges of the materials.

Make sure to leave enough room between each template piece for cutting purposes.

Cut out with scissors or old rotary cutter and get to sewing!