Oh Baby – A Baby Gift in the Making You will Love!

My New “Go To” Baby Blanket

We all have seasons of life we travel through, be it going to several weddings in a year or attending several graduations. Well, I am going through another wave of baby showers. This time it’s not my peers having babies, haha, no, it’s the next generation.

In my online search for the perfect gift, I was drawn to Purl Soho. I personally have been a follower of their blog for years and love their simple, contemporary knitting and crochet designs. If I ever get to New York, NY Purl Soho is at the top of my list to visit.

My first Purl Soho baby blanket was the Flying Geese Knit Baby Blanket my daughter requested for her first child.

It turned out beautiful. What would I choose next? The Four Points Baby Blanket caught my eye. The yarn suggested looked lovely but I had another yarn in mind. Crafthouse recently curated a gorgeous yarn, Bennoto a wool/alpaca blend from Cloud9 Fibers. No, I didn’t type that wrong. Cloud9 Fabrics has ventured into the yarn scene. This makes me very happy!

I had my pattern selected. I had my yarn chosen. But, I had a problem. Bennoto was a heavy worsted weight yarn and the free pattern was for a DK weight yarn with an updated pattern gauge to suit Purl Soho’s thick and squish Super Soft Merino. Yes, I had to do a little math to get this pattern to work – but i did it. Geometry class was NOT a waste of time.

Pattern changes:  Referring to the original pattern (click here) – I used 8 skeins of Bennoto 2 each of 4 colors.

    • Color A: Barnwood
    • Color B: Blossom Kiss
    • Color C: Blue Yonder
    • Color D: Citrus Zest

Needles:  US 10, 32” circular needles
Gauge: 3.5” per inch in stockinette

Follow directions changing only the following…

Triangle 1
CO 88 rather than 156

Triangle 2
Pick up 88 rather than 156

Triangle 3
Pick up 88 rather than 156

Triangle 4
Pick up 88 rather than 156

There will be plenty of yarn left for complimentary projects such as a hat, mittens, or a lovey blanket.


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