This Craft Life of Mine

Hi Crafthouse Family, Sonya here…

Wow, what an honor it is to move forward and build on the dream Allie started over four years ago – CRAFTHOUSE. It has been a pleasure working beside Allie for 18 months as a partner.

A little about myself, I’m a country girl (raised on a farm) but love living in the city. I have degrees in Fashion Merchandising, Consumer Science and Business. My work experience has been very diverse from Assistant Manager at a Bridal Shop to an Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce. In the mist of working for others, I had a few entrepreneurial pursuits such as an artistic rubber stamp manufacturing company and owning and running a bed and breakfast.

Textiles have always been a part of my life. I remember sitting beside my mom as a little girl watching her sew Barbie clothes out of scraps from the clothes she made me. Mom taught me how to sew, quilt, knit, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch and many other crafts. We spent hours crafting together. What a joy it is now to be a part of CRAFTHOUSE where I get to work with textiles everyday and share my love of textiles with you.

Now, can I get serious with you? As a small brick and mortar retail business, we find ourselves in a difficult position. We’ve all heard about major retailers like Macys closing stores. One article I read stated that major retailers closed more than 5,000 stores in 2017. So if these large retailers are calling it quits, how can a small retailer like Crafthouse keep its doors open?

The answer is YOU 🙂 Crafthouse exists for you!

CRAFTHOUSE is Community and Education
It’s a place to gather and learn – a place to explore the possibilities. You might be a casual crafter creating for fun, a wannabe textile expert ready to challenge yourself to take the next step to become more advanced or you might be a maker, developing and establishing a viable business. Wherever you are on this continuum, the Crafthouse community is here to cheer you on and to share knowledge. Did you know…if you are taking a class at Crafthouse, the instructor can watch you sew or knit and help correct or adjust your technique for a better outcome. You can’t get that kind of help from YouTube or Craftsy.

CRAFTHOUSE is Your Product Resource
Crafthouse strives to handpick quality modern fabric and yarn, notions, tools and patterns based on current industry trends and Crafthouse community interests. There is no better way to shop for fabric and yarn than to touch it, feel it and to see the true colors. If you are shopping fabrics for a quilt at Crafthouse, you get to pull the bolts, lay them side-by-side, picking and choosing just the right combination. If you want to make sure the yarn is not scratchy to the feel, you touch it. You can’t do any of these things at an online shop.

So – come in, explore, take a class, share…the awesome Crafthouse staff (including Allie), instructors and I would love to see you. Ok, let’s be honest, I am a bit more reserved than Allie and we will all miss her energy, but please know, I’m truly bubbling inside because I get to see you.

Happy Crafting and See You Soon,



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