BIG News at Crafthouse!

Hey beautiful people, Allie here…

I’ve got some BIG news and I couldn’t think of a better way to share than to write you a letter. This is the kind of news that comes with extra news, so get ready!

First – and this is the exciting part – Mr. Crafthouse (Tad) and I are pregnant and expecting Baby #2 to arrive mid-April! You may have seen it coming, you little smarty pants…As you can imagine, this is such a special next step for our family. We expect lots of adventures in our future and can’t wait to find out (before Christmas!) “what we’re having.” Spoiler: It’s a human baby! *ha ha*

Second – and this is the hard part – this daring new adventure will affect my future involvement at Crafthouse. What does this mean exactly? Well, although my heart is still “in it,” it is best for my family that I step down as co-owner of the shop, my second home.

Before I go on, please know that my business partner of the last year and a half, Sonya Nelsen, has swooped in like a superhero to continue operating and growing Crafthouse as your local modern fabric and yarn shop. And I trust her completely with my “first baby.” From the moment I met Sonya, her vision and heart-connection to the store and what it represents have been completely in line with mine and I’ve been blessed to have her as a business partner and friend. I hope you join me in encouraging her on this journey – it’s a lot of work running a small business! In other words, keep showing up at Crafthouse with that beautiful energy of yours. It’s contagious.

That said, rest assured knowing that you will see me again. I hope to work as an employee at Crafthouse part-time as well as continue to teach classes. It will be a transition, of course, staying home with two little ones. But I need my community of passionate and inspiring ladies (ahem, you) to survive life! I’m sure many of you know and relate to what I mean by that. Thank you, very sincerely, for always fueling me forward!

Reflecting on my time at Crafthouse, my mission was to provide an outlet for people to connect to something inside themselves – you could say creativity, passion, etc. – and to SHARE that with others. The most beautiful thing is that I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes! You walk into the store and build relationships with complete strangers, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Thank you, thank you, for letting me be a small part of that.

Now for the less sappy, hard facts: This transition to single ownership will occur promptly with the New Year. I’ll be an official stay-at-home momma come January 1st! (Prayers and good vibes appreciated, ha!)

I would love to see as many of you as possible in December…there’s just so much more to say.




  1. Allie! I have loved getting to know you through Crafthouse and especially through your fun classes! I hope to still see you around but great job making the best decision for yourself and your family! Many congrats!!


  2. That’s such a hard transition to make – I was never a business owner but I made my transition to SAHM a little over a year ago. I can tell you sincerely that, while I still miss some aspects of the work I left behind, new things have opened up and I couldn’t be more sure I am in the exact right place for this season! Also. Mom coffee. Play dates. Starting Jan!


  3. Happy and sad news all at once! Happy for you; sad for us. But maybe not. I will look forward to seeing you at the store from time to time even after Jan. 1. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have made for such a welcoming atmosphere at Crafthouse, which I know won’t change. It’s an “instant friends” sort of place, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for making that happen! And as a mom who stayed home for several years with two now-adult sons, I assure you the time will go so fast. Enjoy every minute.


  4. Thank you SO much for livening up our not-so-little Lincoln craft community, and for having some of the very best quirky animal prints to fuel my collection. Your energy is contagious, and you were the best little shop owner! Many congrats!


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