Crafthouse Mini Block Swap

by: amy ficke

Have you ever looked online, seen a photo and had sudden quilt wall envy?

Photo by Thimble Blossoms: Instagram – thimbleblossoms

Have you looked at mini quilt patterns and wondered if you should take that next step to filling your house with hand made lovelies?

Photo by Jackie Padesky: Instagram - jackiepadeskyquilts

Photo by Jackie Padesky: Instagram – jackiepadeskyquilts

Well, surprise! We have a fun summer project just waiting for you!

Summer 2017 is packed with our Crafthouse Mini Block Swap. Pick a Thimble Blossoms mini quilt pattern, grab a bundle of fabric, and start sewing.  You may even choose a fast block pattern and whip out more than two bundles!

Sign ups start July 5th and will continue through August 31st. Participants choose any Thimble Blossoms mini quilt pattern available at Crafthouse and select a bundle of fabric to make your blocks. Each bundle will include enough fabric for at least four blocks, depending on the pattern selected.  Turn you blocks back in, choose another pattern or fabric and go again! The more blocks you turn in, the more fun and different blocks you will be able to swap!

The actual block swap pick up date will be in September. What a wonderful way to end your summer, gaining enough blocks to make a mini sampler quilt (or four).

Not local? You can still participate! Email Amy for details at Patterns and mini block fabric bundles may be purchased in the shop or online – Click here.

Keep an eye on the shop’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to see how our blocks are growing and to see some examples of what to do with your blocks once we have all swapped.  Ideas will hopefully just bubble out of you as well, so don’t be afraid to share with the Crafthouse team! Use our hashtag (#MiniBlockSwap) on social media as you create, encouraging each of our lovely makers to keep on going strong.

Hope you enjoy this summer of fun with us here at Crafthouse!

Crafthouse Block Swap Extraordinaire


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