Her Life is not Over

Beyond the basics of diapers, formula and clothing, moms of unexpected pregnancies need someone to let her know that her life is not over.  And that is exactly what the Pregnancy Center of Lincoln does.

As Allie and I were planning the “Baby Shower” event at the shop, we wanted to find a way we could give back to our community. Naming the Pregnancy Center as our charity for the event was a natural fit.  YOU our customers were champions in giving!!! Consider this a big shout out of THANKS to all of you who donated money, diapers and lovely baby items during our event. We had so much fun showing you all the fun baby things you can make with Crafthouse fabric and yarns and your donations were outstanding!

What a humbling experience it was for Allie and I to drop off all your donations at the Pregnancy Center. Becky, a volunteer for the Center, kindly gave us a tour of the facility and told us about the Center’s services. It got me thinking, we all know someone who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy or maybe experienced it ourselves. Unfortunately, in some instances an unplanned pregnancy may feel like a dark place that is unbearable! After visiting the Pregnancy Center I am once again convinced that the Center is a good place to start if you think you are pregnant and are undecided about what you will do.

Who/What is the Pregnancy Center of Lincoln?

The pregnancy Center is committed to giving our clients all of the options for an unintended pregnancy, which in Nebraska are parenting, adoption and abortion. And although the Pregnancy Center will never refer for or recommend abortion, we feel it is important to give our clients truthful, accurate information about abortion if they are considering that option. Providing free ultrasounds to our clients also allows the center to give young women complete information about their pregnancy.

~Pat McCarthy, Executive Director

Two things I was impressed with…

  • The facility was beautiful and the staff was very welcoming. They were very genuine and had no political agenda, they just wanted to love on their clients.
  • All their services are free and confidential: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling, community resources referrals,  and post abortion support.

Be assured, your donations were greatly appreciated and needed by the Pregnancy Center. We got to see the rooms filled with diapers, formula and clothing ready to be given out to the young moms.

These baskets pictured above are given to each new mom who had their ultrasound at the center. As you can see they are overflowing with items for mommy and baby.

Above are pictures of the “shop” that clients have an opportunity to purchase items through a ticket system. When they attend educational classes at the Center, they receive value tickets for attendance and can redeem them to purchase items from the shop.

If you ever want a tour or need their services, don’t hesitate. They are great people!

No, life is not over, but it has changed.  The Pregnancy Center has a wealth of resources and a caring staff and volunteers just waiting for the woman who is facing an unexpected pregnancy and doesn’t know what to do to walk in the door or to make a phone call.

Pregnancy Center Website >>>


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