Crafting a Mother’s Day

I don’t know about you but I am always looking for the next reason to craft and “Mother’s Day” is fast approaching! So, “Crafting a Mother’s Day” conjures up several inspirational ideas to share.


Spa day theme for your mom. We have a free pattern for you when you purchase yarn to make this sweet, knitted bath scrunchie. If Mom is a knitter, gift the yarn and pattern. Bundle it all in a cute basket filled with bath wash, bath bombs and a special note from you. Yarn is available in-store or online in four colors, white, salmon, shrimp and navy.

CLASS OFFERED… We just so happen to have a class scheduled to make this lovely.  Join us in a group setting, making the bath scrunchie –

Pattern bonus: There are actually 7 patterns included on the pattern sheet (available while supplies last). Any of these projects would be enjoyed by mom.


This gorgeous, self striping shawl would delight your mum. It can be worn any time of the year. It is made from ModeKnit’s ModeWerk fingering yarn in the new “flow” color Cuckoo Wasp.  Again, you could make it for her or gift her the yarn and pattern.  Yarn can be purchased online or in-store. There are several similar patterns on Ravelry you can download. This link takes you to the one I used,  Dangling Conversation>>>

Does your mom like hand knitted socks? ModeKnit’s fingering yarn is also awesome to make socks. You make two socks from one cake. Start one from the middle and one from the outside. 

We hope you have the creative thoughts flowing and get to see your sweet faces soon!

Allie & Sonya



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