Fabric and Yarn Collide

What do you get when fabric and yarn collide? CRAFTHOUSE! – Ok, that was cheesy. But seriously, one of the great joys of working at Crafthouse is to hear what projects our customers are dreaming about. You walk into our store with expectations to continue the dream by sourcing the perfect materials or maybe you came in to learn a new skill in one of our classes. But did you know, what gives us as shop owners the greatest joy is see you come in with that completed project. The smile on your face is priceless!

I would like to introduce you to  Sachie.  Quiet, yet enthusiastic, Sachie frequents the shop, buying fabric and yarn to make lovelies for her family. Not so long ago we noticed her wearing a cowl constructed from fabric AND yarn. What a great idea! With a bit of arm twisting (not really) I convinced Sachie to write up a pattern and make a sample for the store so we could share it with the Crafthouse family. As you can see in the picture, she used fuzzy fabric and chunky yarn, creating a soft, warm cowl with a lot of texture. She is wearing her original cowl that caught our eyes.  The mannequin is sporting the shop sample.

Kits of this sewing/crochet project can be purchased from our

Crafthouse Online Shop 

or stop in and see the sample – touch, feel and select from our current selection of fuzzy fabric and chunky yarn.  Yarn used is Artist Chunky by Feza. It is 100% extrafine superwash merino.  The fuzz fabric is special sourced by Crafthouse.

Keep Crafting!




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