Through Thick and Thin

Today is the day – through thick and thin I am going to knit. No, I’m not actually referring to the common cliché, “through thick and thin” or better know as through the good times and the bad times. I’m referring to yarn. – What? Oh ya…yarn isn’t just yarn at the Crafthouse.  Sure we have basic solid color, worsted weight yarn- which makes awesome projects by the way. But let me introduce you to the world of Thick and Thin. I will discuss all- in-one thick and thin yarns and the use of multiple yarns to create a thick and thin fabric. Here we go…

Thick and Thin: All-in-One Yarn

Yarn is generally classified by the relative thickness of the strand, referred to as weight. This is a whole other topic I will write about another time.  Any who, normally the yarn strand is one thickness for the entire ball or hank. However, who wants to be normal, right? Yarn spinners and mills also create yarn with varying weights along one strand. Yarn is actually very thick in some areas and very thin in other areas creating “thick and thin” yarn. Bamboozle by King Cole is a great example of this.  Here is an example of the yarn and also an example of a child’s hat made out of it. Ooo, isn’t it gorgeous? Look at those pom poms!




Thick and Thin: Multiple Yarns

Another method to achieve the thick and thin result is to use two or more yarns of varying weights. Below is a picture using two yarns. The thick yarn is TDF(To Dye For) by Mango Moon and the thin yarn is Folio by Berroco. The scarf is knit with 3 rows Folio to 1 row TDF. Isn’t it breathtaking? And, by using a size US 15 needles, this project is quick. This technique could be used to make many projects such as a beautiful throw, shawl, pillows and more. Just think outside the box and let us know your thoughts and ideas by commenting below. All yarns are available at Crafthouse at the time of this writing.





Happy Crafting!



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